WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US – We at Quality Geckos, strive to give send to you healthy animals.  We make sure that all shipped geckos are a minimum of 20 grams, we will package them with care and send them out to you either Fed Ex or with the Airlines.  We will only ship when the weather permits on either side.  We stick to the “safe ship guidelines” that all other breeders adhere too with Fed Ex.  We will not send an animal if it is too hot or too cold with this method.  If you cannot wait for the weather to be good, then we can ship with the airlines.  I will need to call them for a quote, if this is the case.  We would rather hold your animals a little longer, than to risk harming them, but the airlines will be safer in hot or cold weather.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses.

We do ask that when you receive your geckos, please use a phone or camera as you are opening the box.  In the event that they do arrive DOA, we would like to see this as the box is opened.  The geckos do come with a 30 Day general guarantee.  After this, they are not in our environment, so we cannot know how the animal became ill.  If the animal dies in transport, then you must make sure that you have a video of yourself opening the box and showing the label clearly, as well as all packaging in the box, and the deceased animal.   We must be notified within a few hours of pick, in order for the insurance to be valid.  If the animal dies after they arrive, you may be asked to have a necropsy performed to help determine cause of death.  And, you must follow our guidelines, as they are written below in the Guarantee section.

We do test all breeders (as well as any new geckos purchased) for Cryptospordium serpentis.   We test all animals with a fecal DNA test that is very accurate.   Feeder worms all come from a company that has been in business 60 years raise the worms in a closed facility.  They also test often, and they are not in contact with other reptiles.  We send a lot of these little creatures into the world, and we do want to make sure they are the best they can be when they get to you.  We also have a good vet who knows Leopard Geckos, on hand 24/7.

Make sure that the gecko or geckos you choose are the ones you want.  Once deposit is placed, there are no exchanges.

DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS — Our website is set up to take payments in full by using PayPal.   If you wish to place a deposit on an animal (minimum non refundable deposit is 50% of the purchase price), then email us, and we will be glad to send you an invoice with PayPal.  We also accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover payments.  Best to speak with us over the phone with this sensitive information.   We do not accept checks or money orders at this time.  We charge Arizona residents 6.6% State Sales Tax.  We do not charge sales tax if you live out of state, unless you are purchasing from us at a show.  When we are showing in a different state, we usually have to be set up with a temporary seller’s permit, so we must collect State and Local tax there.    All geckos must be paid in full within 30 days of purchase, but if you would like to make a payment plan with us for multiple geckos, please discuss that with us prior to placing your deposit, and we will be happy to work out an arrangement with you.  If arrangement is not made in advance, it will be assumed that you will pay in full within 30 days.  If an animal must be held for longer than 30 days, a reasonable boarding fee may be applied.  If you do not pay within specified time, you will loose your deposit.  If you cancel your sale at any time, you will also lose your deposit.

We also do not change out animals, once a deposit is placed.  The animal that you chose is taken off our website, and several other places that we advertise.  We are holding them for you alone.  If you decide you want to change out for another animal, then you will loose your initial deposit, and you must place a new deposit on the animal that you wish to change to.

SHIPPING —Once payments have been made in full, we will talk with about when they could be shipped.  Weather is also a consideration for the animal’s safety.   We normally ship overnight with Fed Ex, but if the weather is too hot on our end or too cold on yours, there is also the option of shipping with by other means, but it will be more expensive.   Once our summer temps hit, it’s rarely at a safe temperature for us to use Fed Ex out of Arizona until late September or early February.

At the current time, due to COVID, we cannot purchase shipping insurance for animals unless we  ship on Tuesday or Wednesdays for next day delivery, and you must pick them up at your closet Fed Ex Sort Hub.  We need your zip code to find where that is.  We will not ship to a home at this time, because we will not be covered if the animal is misplaced or has died.  Please keep this in mind before you place your order.

Contact us for shipping costs. 

Fed Ex usually delivers in the mornings and someone must be at home at time of delivery.  If no one can be at your house on the day of delivery, we can either ship the animal to a friend or family member who will be home or place of business, or I can look up your closest Fed Ex hub for them to hold the animals, until you can pick them up.  We also have alternative shipping methods that are more money, but worth it if you do not want to wait for us to be able to safely use Fed Ex.  Please ask for details.

It’s extremely important that the shipping address given is correct.  If you live in an apartment or condo or have them shipped to a business, you are responsible for giving us the address correctly with the unit number or exact instructions for us to forward to the driver.  Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to deliver the animals to you, which can result in injury or death.

If the information is not given properly for shipping, then Quality Geckos cannot be held responsible if the animal gets hurt or dies in transport.  PLEASE CHECK THE ADDRESS THAT IS GIVEN.

For the next few weeks, we are still able to ship out of Lake Havasu City, AZ.  It will start getting very hot, closer to June.  It’s typically over 100 degrees here from June to September.  During these months, we will be going back to our summer shipping schedule out of Ontario, California.  Ontario is typically a good 20 degrees cooler than us, on any given day.  Because it’s an extremely long drive for us (5 hours there and 5 hours back), we can only make the trip one day a month.  We will post the day we are shipping out, each month.  It will either be a Tuesday or a Wednesday, for next day delivery to your Fed Ex Hub.  Again, as long as the weather holds out, we will be shipping from our home base in Lake Havasu.  We will do the run in the summer to Ontario, to keep your babies safe.  If you are in Arizona or any other very hot spot, then we will not be able to ship to you at all until the Fall.  If you are local, you might consider making a trip to Lake Havasu, to pick up your babies.  Just let us know, so we can arrange a date and time.

GUARANTEE— We do offer a 30 day guarantee, providing all the following guidelines are observed.   When the animals are shipped, someone is there to sign for it and bring it indoors, or it can be “held at the Fed Ex Center” until you pick them up later that day.  We do wish for you to use your phone or camera while you open the box, in case they do happen to arrive DOA, so there is record of the event.  Make sure and show the label clearly, before opening the box.   The animal must be placed in quarantine away from other animals (including geckos) in your home during the 30 days, minimum. You must tell us right away, if you notice any issues, and you will be asked to bring them to a vet ASAP.   If the animal is DOA, we only have a few hours in which to get the video and other photo evidence to the insurance, so that we are both covered.  We only ship animals that are 20 grams and larger, and were known to be good eaters before they left our home.  If the animal appears ill in this time frame, we must be contacted within 24 hours of it showing signs.   If the animal passes in that time, you will be asked to take it to your vet for a necropsy.  The animal must be refrigerated and not frozen (as freezing destroys molecules and it will be more difficult to determine cause of death), if it cannot be brought to your vet right away.  We will offer a full refund if the animal passes due to something on our end, but we must have a necropsy report first, showing it was our fault.  If you are dissatisfied for a reason other than health and wish a refund, then we must be notified within 24 hours of the animal’s arrival.  We will refund once it is shipped back to us safely, or replace it with another if one is available.  We will not exchange or refund animals after 24 hours, if they are in good health.  We have purchased our breeding stock from other high quality breeders, so we are very confident about the background of each animal we raise.  If you have any questions about any of the animals you may be interested in, please contact us prior to purchase, so that we may answer any questions that you may have.  Our hours are Monday-Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM Arizona standard time.  If you call at that time and we don’t answer, we are probably working with another client or busy with the geckos.  You can also send us an email too, and we will answer when we get a chance.  But we do try to answer in the same day.  Emails tend to get answered quicker.  If the basic guidelines are followed as outlined, than we will work with you to refund or replace your animal if something happens.  If the guidelines are not followed properly, than we can refuse to refund due to improper handling and or care of the animals. We will also require proof of purchase.

Young geckos are notorious for changing color and metamorphosing.  They will shed often and change a lot before they become an adult.  If you see a gecko you like, please ask for updated photos of the animal before you place your order.  We cannot always guarantee they will stay the same.  Some get dark and some will get light before they reach adulthood.  We have seen some start out light, turn dark and then turn again to something totally amazing.  Only the true Poly-genetic varieties will hold their colors.  You can get a good sense of when the last photo was taken by looking at the weight information in the description.  It will have a date listed.

If you are in Lake Havasu and are serious about purchasing a purchasing an animal you see, or wish to come here to pick up animals that are already purchased, just let us know, and we will be glad to make an appointment with you.  Please keep your other pets at home.  We do not allow outside animals into our facility for sanitary reasons.