About Quality Geckos

We are a family run business.  After many years of raising other types of animals, we decided to venture into the world of Leopard Geckos.

We only purchase geckos from other breeders with years of experience, from whom, we can learn a great deal from.  We know that when they tell us the background of the animals that we are purchasing from them, that we can feel assured that the information is correct.  This way, we feel confident that we can pass along the same quality animals to you.

We have decided to focus on certain types of geckos that are of interest to us.  We are not going to be breeding all common types.  We will focus on the unusual and work on possibly developing new morphs as time goes by.  

Health and well being of our animals is paramount to us.   We will be performing quarterly DNA testing on all our racks to help us know the condition of our animals.  DNA testing is more accurate than regular screenings.  It actually looks for parasites from DNA found in the fecal. The results are 99.9% accurate.   Only a handful of labs in the country have the equipment to perform such testing.  We have a long track record with this lab, as we have used it for many years with our other animals.

We also are privileged to have a very good exotics vet here in town who does know a lot about Leopard Geckos.  If she is ever unsure about something, she has access to some of the top Exotic vets in the country.

If we are shipping your animals to you, we will do so when it is safe on all ends to get them to you.  We go by standard guidelines for shipping Leopard Geckos.   We are using the correct insulated boxes, as well as professional grade hot and cold packs as needed.  If possible, we can deliver your paid in full animals to a show we may be attending at no additional cost to you.  Ask us for our show schedules.

We want you to be happy with your purchase from us.   Please let us know how we can be of service to you.


Andy and Danielle Gnidziejko

Quality Geckos

Lake Havasu City, AZ